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Intermodal and rail transport

Our rail service offers exceptional flexibility in terms of price and timing and is a reliable alternative to air and sea freight. It is suitable for shipments with sizes between 1 and 20 cubic meters.

Deliveries are carried out based on NTZ’s transport network.

Routing by import direction:

Routing by import direction:

The advantages of using this mode of transport are:


Out of gauge cargo

We have equipment for transporting oversized and specialized cargo with a unit weight of up to 100 tons and a length of up to 54 meters. We carry out individual projects according to the needs of the client.

Customs Clearance

NTZ Speed ​​Ltd. is a team of professionals well-informed about the latest legal requirements and regulatory changes in international trade.


Cargo Insurance

Information regarding customs formalities and customs representation import, export, re-export, transit Thessaloniki, Burgas, Varna, or others; Transshipment operations of goods in our warehouse, containerization or decontainerization on site; collection of goods to or from a customer's warehouse;

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