Ocean and Sea Freight

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Full Container Load (FCL)

We are one of the leading freight forwarders in the container transport field in Bulgaria, allowing us to negotiate competitive prices and conditions with the top carriers for our customers.

We organize transportation from/to all ports served by container lines via ports:

We don’t just organize transportation; we prepare an individual solution for each cargo and offer additional forwarding services that add value and save time and effort for our clients by providing comprehensive monitoring during the cargo movement.

Additional services:


Out of gauge cargo

We have equipment for transporting oversized and specialized cargo with a unit weight of up to 100 tons and a length of up to 54 meters. We carry out individual projects according to the needs of the client.

Customs Clearance

NTZ Speed ​​Ltd. is a team of professionals well-informed about the latest legal requirements and regulatory changes in international trade.


Cargo Insurance

Information regarding customs formalities and customs representation import, export, re-export, transit Thessaloniki, Burgas, Varna, or others; Transshipment operations of goods in our warehouse, containerization or decontainerization on site; collection of goods to or from a customer's warehouse;

Cross Trade

We transport shipments directly from/to other countries without passing through Bulgaria.


Through our network of agents in different cargo areas, we can consolidate cargo in one container from various consignors to one consignee and from one consignor to multiple consignees.

Multimodal transport

We offer multimodal transport schemes (combined transport with containers – land transport, rail transport, sea transport) to optimize costs and transit time.

Containerization and decontainerization

We can organize containerization and decontainerization of cargo at Burgas and Varna ports. And the delivery/collection of goods to/from the client with on-board vehicles to minimize costs, or to facilitate the client in loading and unloading operations, in cases where there is no technical possibility to load/unload goods into/from a container itself.

Thanks to the many agents worldwide with whom we work in close partnership, we offer various transport options depending on the type of INCOTERMS transaction and the client’s needs.

Special equipment

We transport goods with special requirements and in specialized equipment – refrigerated containers, transport of oversized cargo in OPEN TOP or FLAT RACK containers, dangerous cargo (IMO), and bulk cargo with FLEXITANK CONTAINERS.

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Sea Groupage (LCL)

If you need to send or receive a small shipment by sea, our specialists from the LCL department will provide you with a solution based on a competitive price and an optimal delivery time. We offer deliveries through various European ports based on a developed partner network and our grouping consoles from the Far East; we operate through port of Varna.

Additional services we offer for LCL transport:

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