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Customs representation

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Customs service

NT Zet Speed ​​Ltd. is a team of professionals well-informed about the latest legal requirements and regulatory changes in international trade. The strategic goal of the NTZ Customs Service Department is to efficiently and professionally fulfill all assigned orders for customs representation and forwarding of containerized cargo in full compliance with all professional rules and standards and all applicable national and international regulatory requirements to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We have the status of an Approved Economic Operator with an ISO 9001:2015 certification, which is a recognition of our high standards of activity and excellent security of our customers.

For IMPORT, we will need the following documents:

For TRANSIT, we will need the following documents:

To establish the EXPORT regime for third countries, we will need the following documents:

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Железопътен транспорт

Въздушният транспорт присъства в нашето портфоли като услуга в премиум сектора. Въздушният транспорт е най - бързият начин да превозим стоката от точка а до точка б
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